Frank Underwood

Frank Underwood learned classical piano and guitar in his youth, also exploring harpsichord and organ. He studied at Brasenose College, Oxford and went on to study lute with Lynda Sayce and Edward FitzGibbon, and viol with Susanne Heinrich, and has played lute, harpsichord and viol in Early Music consorts 'Westron Wynd' and 'La Joysance'.

He has played with various Folk, Rock and Blues bands, becoming known as a performer at cultural events in Oxfordshire and at the Edinburgh Festival, and in the late '70s he formed 'Windsong' with a young Annie Lennox as vocalist.

A strong interest in the cultural life of England at the time of Jane Austen led him to establish an Austen group in Oxford, as well as the duo 'Austentation', and he has played Jane Austen festivals in Bath, Chawton and Brighton.

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